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Whether you are experienced in running a pool business or have a pool at your home place, you need the right tools to properly clean and maintain your little space of happiness. But what supplies do you actually need? There are many websites which offer you so many useless things in the name of maintenance. And that’s what makes Pool Supplies Dallas different from others.

We at Top Dallas Pool Builders, provide you the world-class pool supplies with premium cost and quality.

What are some of the essential pool supplies you need to know so that you can take care of your pool like a pro:

    • Water Test Stripes: It important to test your pool water at least once a week. Water testing is one of the important factors in maintaining the swimming pool. Regular testing of pool water allows you to add or remove any chemicals if required to prevent the pool from bacterias and algae. 

    • Pool Shock: When your pool water starts smelling foul, its time to shock your pool. The more often you use the pool, the more often you require to shock your pool. Mostly the best pool shock is made from calcium hypochlorite. Thus to prevent your pool from dreaded hotel smell, you should use pool shock. It also helps in addressing the mild cases of algae.

    • Algae Brush: The metallic brushes help in removing the algae formed under your pool. The best way to remove it in the first place is to scrub it off the pool’s surface. Stainless stell algae brushes are the best for concrete or gunite pools.

    • Manual Vacuum: Manual Vacuum can be a lifesaver for your pool in case of algae formation. Once you have brushed the algae off, a vacuum cleaner can help it remove by vacuuming it up.

    • Pool Cover: In winters, when there is not much use of the pool, a pool cover help you save a lot. As it prevents the pool from water contamination, keeps your pool free from debris, bacteria, and algae and other harmful chemicals and gases.

    • Multi-Purpose Surface Cleaner: Warm water, sunlight, body oils, etc are huge draws for bacteria and algae. A regular cleaning schedule is necessary for the pool to be healthy and fit for others.

    • Filter Cleaner: A filter cleaner plays a major role in your pool’s health. The dirt and grime buildup are an unavoidable part of your filter, hence for cleaning the filter, you need to have a filter cleaner.

Pool Construction Dallas delivers all these products at very affordable rates. Apart from these we also supply a range of pool floats, filters, accessories, chemicals, hot tubs and saltwater systems, etc

Pool Supplies Dallas helps you in choosing the best accessories for your swimming pool ranging in varieties and costs. We believe everybody’s choice is unique and thus we have a lot more to give you, once you give us an opportunity to serve.

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