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Pool Demolition Dallas

There are different pros and cons to pool demolition Dallas and if you’re considering demolishing yours, here are a few pros and cons to it:

  1. Save time, money, and energy on pool maintenance and the general upkeep of the pool.

  2. Some potential buyers will get turned off by a pool because of the added expenses in maintenance. 

  3. Owning a pool poses a general hazard and can be a source of accidents, demolishing it will get rid of that. 

  4. There is more additional space on your yard for other activities or landscaping opportunities

  5. Children are safer since you are removing a potential safety hazard that comes with pool ownership

Pool Demolition Dallas

What are the cons of removing a pool?

  1. No more pool to swim in. If you love having a pool and swimming during hot summer days and if you plan to keep living in the same home for a long time, then it is definitely worth keeping it. However, if you barely use your pool at all and the benefit of removing the demolishing the pool outweigh the uses, then you should go ahead and start the removal process.

There are two ways of removing a pool, one is to fill in the pool while the other one is to completely remove it. 

Filling in a pool involves removing all the water, drilling holes at the bottom of the pool to avoid water from pooling in again, demolishing the top visible parts of the pool, filling the bottom with rubble, and then piling in the dirt, soil, and other organic matter to completely integrate it back into the garden. This is the easiest and fastest way of demolishing a pool as you also let time and weather completely demolish what is left underground. 

However, filling in a pool to demolish it means that you have to disclose this to future buyers and that might affect the value of your home. Another con is that there is an increased risk of sinkage, and ground swelling due to the lack of proper seeping holes for water to escape from. The majority of cities also do not let other buildings build on top of where pools used to be due to safety hazards but the area is still suitable for gardens and sheds.

The second way of pool demolition is through completely removing the pool. You still need to disclose to future buyers that a pool used to be where that area is but it won’t dramatically change the value of your home. With no concrete leftovers buried in the soil, the chances of sinkage or seepage are greatly reduced and even eliminated. 

The cons of complete pool removal however is that majority of cities also do not let other buildings stand where a pool used to be but it is still suitable for sheds and gardens. Completely removing a pool is also a more expensive option than the first one. 

However you wish your pool demolition Dallas to be done, Dallas Pool Builders can get the job done in no time!

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